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Digital teaching scenarios as a supplementary educational tool for music teachers.



Recently, the orientation of Greek music education in schools is connected to technology use integration in lessons. The Greek Ministry of Education tries to provide digital educational material to teachers encouraging them to introduce the use of technology in their classrooms. Even though, schools in primary and secondary education are not equipped sufficiently, teachers try hard to find ways to incorporate technology in their lessons.

Under this perspective, the development of digital teaching scenarios is the last digital support to teachers, up to now. Teachers explore this supplementary digital material and adjust it to their students’ needs and preferences. Selected, according to their qualifications, teachers designed and submitted digital teaching scenarios for teachers at the AESOP (Advanced Electronic Scenarios Operating Platform). They cooperated with a school advisor and a professor in order these ideas to be applicable and in compliance with the official curriculum. Specifically, in music education field, 5 music teachers participated in a vivid work team. But, how did other music teachers evaluate this effort? For this reason, a small scale research (pilot study) was organized in order to record through semi-structured interviews these opinions. The research took place before the application of these scenarios in their classrooms, so it records their first perceptions. Results highlight that although teachers were positive to incorporate these scenarios in practice, they found many obstacles, because of the insufficient technological infrastructure at schools. Though difficulties, they were willing to enrich their lessons with them, whenever it was possible.

In conclusion, digital educational scenarios in music education motivate music teachers to incorporate technology use during their lessons. Though teacher willingness, the sufficient technological equipment for application must be provided.

The sites for each digital teaching scenarios for music education are the following:

  1. A music dialogue: antiphony, http://www.aesop.iep.edu.gr/node/15490
  2. The Greek traditional rhythms and instruments influence to modern Greek music, http://www.aesop.iep.edu.gr/node/15572
  3. Ostinato, http://www.aesop.iep.edu.gr/node/15558
  4. Music and Cinema, http://www.aesop.iep.edu.gr/node/5790
  5. Cultivating Acoustical Skills (Preparation for the examinations in order to enter Music Studies University), http://www.aesop.iep.edu.gr/node/6260
  6. Are you sure that you are not a musician? (Preparation for the examinations in order to enter Music Schools), http://www.aesop.iep.edu.gr/node/5650
  7. Recognising musical instruments (Preparation for the examinations in order to enter Music Schools), http://www.aesop.iep.edu.gr/node/16704
  8. Poetry and Music in Chanson in 16th Century, http://www.aesop.iep.edu.gr/node/7024
  9. Music Extracts recognition and discrimination, http://www.aesop.iep.edu.gr/node/5603
  10. Accompany it with a guitar, http://www.aesop.iep.edu.gr/node/5690
  11. Clef signatures in major keys, http://www.aesop.iep.edu.gr/node/22731
  12. Secondary dominant chords augmented sixth chord (Italian, German, French), http://www.aesop.iep.edu.gr/node/6114.



Ψηφιακά Δειγματικά Σενάρια για τη Μουσική

Στον παρακάτω σύνδεσμο θα βρείτε τα 12 ψηφιακά δειγματικά σενάρια που αφορούν το μάθημα της Μουσικής σε όλες τις βαθμίδες εκπαίδευσης.


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ΠΟΛΥΤΕΧΝΟ: Τα σχολικά βιβλία παίζουν μουσική, Σάββατο 10 Οκτωβρίου

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